About me


A computer programmer, who likes to study software + travel + work + travel + attend conferences/community events.

Programming keeps me busy. While I like to explore the Universe, I often travel to some foreign lands to live and work remotely from there. Dealing often with boredom and burnt-out, I believe this kind of "instant getaway" is what I always wanted. It also seemed to give me more time to learn, work, and relax. The tradeoff is of course without family and friends around me. Fortunately, I still got to meet some new friends and talked to some real people sometimes XD

tldr; I also enjoy sports and dance too =D



I am now mainly writing front-end Javascript with React.js at Black Tangent.

Previously, I have also written mobile apps on Android & iOS platforms, and developed back-ends using Ruby, etc. My previous jobs include:

  • Software Engineer (Ruby on Rails) at Intropica (2013-2014)
  • App Developer (Android & iOS, Ruby) at buUuk (2010-2013)
  • Freelance Developer (PHP) at SparkEngineer (2010)


Check out github.com/alvinsj.